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3.17 There are no construction contracts. 3.18 There are no stopped activities. 3.19 State incentives and benefits are taken to the financial statements when all state incentives, including non-monetary state incentives monitored by reasonable values, and when the requirements of the necessary conditions will be fulfilled by the operation and the diagnosis may be achieved by the enterprise.

Turkcell Communications Services Inc. And the subsidiaries of the consolidated financial statements of the account period ended 31 December 2007 (currency: Currency: Amounts are expressed as thousand new Turkish liras unless otherwise stated. Units other than the new Turkish Lira are expressed as thousand units otherwise stated.)

3.20 There are no investment properties. 3.21 Taxes calculated via the Authority Gain included income tax liability on the period of the period and the current period tax and deferred tax. The current period liability comprises tax liability calculated by tax-related tax rates on the taxable portion of the period wife and on the balance sheet date. The deferred tax debt or the assets and debts will be determined by the calculation of tax effects according to the balance sheet method according to the balance sheet method between the values ​​of the legal tax in the financial statements. The deferred tax owed or receivable are reflected on the consolidated financial statements by taking into account the tax rates that the temporary differences will be eliminated in the periods that will be eliminated. The main provisional differences are due to the accounting and depreciation differences related to the financial statements and tax laws in the financial statements and tax laws. The deferred tax debt or receivable is reflected in the accompanying consolidated financial statements in the estimated increase and decreasing rates of the tax amounts to pay in the future periods in which said temporary differences will be eliminated. The deferred tax will be detached when the tax advantage is possible in the future periods. This will be deleted from the relevant active in which it is understood that it will not be used any longer. 3.22 The benefits / seniors provided to employees are obliged to pay a certain collective payments to the employees that ended the employment for the reasons for the reasons for the reasons that are due to the applicable laws, in the applicable laws. The payment amounts are calculated based on severance compensation ceilings that are valid as of the balance sheet date. The provision of severance is reflected in the accompanying consolidated financial statements, calculating the liability amounts to the future due to the retirements of all employees. 3.23 Retirement plans Turkcell began the retirement system due to the specific added plan for employees in 2005. In the year 2006, Turkkule, Turkcell Technology and Tellcom started to the same pension system for employees within 2007. The only liability of Turkcell and its subsidiaries is to pay certain fixed contribution. The payments made is recorded as expense in the period it is relevant. 3.24 There are no agricultural activities.