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4) It can also be used in writing titles when excluding is needed. The anchor’s heirloom! 8. 9. Nail IMI “” “1) someone else were put into a word at the beginning and end of the Atatürk says:” In order to upgrade the order to be worthy of our new Turkey, we must give the utmost importance to us suppose the economy to. ” 2) A term, a term, a word, a word, a word, a word, quotation may be enclosed (the purpose of stating the words instead of the quotation can be provided with a string of words such as black, italics or underline these words.): It is a great virtue of what is called “sincerity” There are people, I’m not from them. I used to want to do a “Güldeste”; Hani now they say “anthologie” with the name of the fries. 3) In the article, the names of the artworks in the articles are shown in nail markings: The first poetry book published by Fazil Hüsnü Mountains is the “world-drawn world”. 4) In rankings, the sizes are written in the upper row and replace the duplicate words in the bottom: It also takes the nails (“)” from the nail (“)” from: a) examiners on field crops B) Ornamental “” “c) fruits” “” ” “It is located. Warnings: 126

1) If the words introduced in the quotation remain as a separate whole, the quotation protects their punctuation and the quotation book is then placed after this: “The morality on the morality of Atatürk is that the morality based on the morality is not a virtue, but not a reliable value.” 2) The promise in the quotation is the element of a sentence, the punctuation may not be placed in the original. Atatürk was “What Happy Türk is I,” he created the material and spiritual equivalents of this happy Turkish. (As seen in this example, the exclamation in the words of Atatürk is removed.) 3) It is necessary to maintain the punctuation that is actually found in the nail: If it gives the poem that he can’t understand, this time: “Go to work!” he (s) meets. The guy entering the shok: “What do you command?” I asked. 4) If the words introduced in the quotation are in a whole, or private names are initiated with a capital letter; If a word or phtime does not need to be started with a capital letter: When the Nurullah paper clip is talking on the language revolution: “I’m not saying, we’re beaten,” I don’t say; I don’t get up to say Utku ie “glory tongues” … he wrote. 8. 10. One quotation “‘” In a quotation, another quote is shown to be shown in another quotation, the single quotation is placed on the beginning of the second and the end of the end in Spain, in the days when you are in Miguel de Unamuno. ‘Whichever is eaten, he said. A valiantness in this is a kind of beauty, it is undeniable … “127

1) After all the special name apostrophe is used: Tuncer, in Ankara, the pain from the mountain, Turkey Grand National Assembly … 2) Crop to be shown separately placed the desired letter or apostrophe after the word: K ğ The transformation of it …, the best before …, there is a solitary famous in Color … 3) Cutting bookmark to separate the attachments after numbers: 15 o’clock.