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At first, it should be a mobilized capital mobilization. The technical means require time to participate in production. The Mexico incident was added to the mercury bottleneck. Because in Huancavelica, the majority of materials were reduced to the return of mercury beds were transferred to Peru.

The new development in the 18th century was first on the Mexican mineral industry. There was a more original paid slavery, although there is a forced operation based on the farming in potosi mines. In addition, Mexico mines extend along the Atlantic coast for reasons such as transportation. This place has been moving the Spanish mercury import and the transport of precious mines to Europe. In addition, in Mexico, a financial system to quickly meet the capital needs of mining, was developed. The political authority in Andinen mines, in the 18th century, in order to facilitate the transition from Buenos Aires to the European market, Rio de la Plata’s king assistant was given. With the old center Lima, the economic and fi-nancial link was cut in 200 years. The adaptation to new relations Damage the mining industry before all the needs of capital and the construction of new transportation roads. Finally the mita system showed the ancient. Because costly mining techniques require a more expert workforce than unskilled workers.

For the Middle Ages Europe, the gold was only the same as Africa with two links such as Egypt and North Africa. The first point of nirence was going out for political reasons. Thus, it was concentrated in North African terminals where Sudan and Senegal’s golden powders were carried by caravans. Production and distribution were in the hands of Africans. It also documents the banknotes of Cana and Mali as well as others. Sahara and Sahel’s big markets such as Timbuktu and Sijli and Saigili and Sahards and Saigili, are around this repellent region and there were additional protection possibilities as they can only be reached by caravan.

From the end of the 13th century in Europe, the use of new mine bearings to be used after 1450 caused the normalization period for silver that will experience a constant price collapse against gold. It was also economic impulses to interfere with the gold trade in Europe and get it under their own management if possible. The commercial capital and bank capital, which engages itself here, sometimes he was doing using gold and the trade of luxury goods monopoly on European throughout Europe. Portugal was very different from different angles and showed himself as the political and military carrier of economic plans. The Aristocratic class was poor in the political turmoil in the end of the 14th century and had to search the way to correct the financial condition.

The conquest of Ceuta in North Africa is the sign that the portuguese spreads to concentrate on the west coast of Africa are beginning. The caravel ships inserted by the Portugal were the first time against the wind and, however, it was possible to dominate the wind in the South Atlantic. It was a state of traditionally used to make travels to the north direction of the sailing ships.

The Portuguese were organizing attack stations in Senegal and Guinea, which is linked to the golden manufacturers in Africa. P