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In the MIRMIRI’s tale is also the old name, the old name, is explained by the name of Principo. Taksim, in the sections of the 2nd Travel Rebellion, the Square, Mis Street, Grandpakkapı Street, Galatasaray Square and other places are vividly depicted.

Taksim and Istiklal Street in the Taksim Seddi and the Narrator’s Taksim Seddi is a residential area in the dust after a disaster, and there is only a residential area in the dust, and there is only the police that attacks conflicts and resistance in an infinite loop. .

Ismail Bilksoy, for many years, it writes books to be read by different generations. I’m hoping that I would have not established an exaggerated sentence if I say they are in the heelsatar category of his works.

İsmail Güzsoy, with the awareness of the future generations of the novels, it does not need to hide the social person. When we think of their novels, we can easily understand that the authorities are called “other” and they are ie the oppressed, on the side of the oppressed.

For example, the books in the Fenni Magic series are the printing of the Tan newspaper in Meymaz; Monkeys killed with the fetve of Imam Molla Abdülkerim Efendi in Shade; In Remember, the slaughter of 6 – 7 September were very stunning with the striking narratives.

Güzsoy says it is on behalf of the reason to query a dilemma of the reason to put these important events in his interview with Eray AK: “So El-Cezarî’s is the way to Al-Ceberî’s way of Mahye engineers, and is the path of our wild ancestors that burned the monkeys, so that the monkeys were killed. Weren’t both of the people living at the same time? History comment is a secret future design. “

We can conclude that the Güzelsoy is on this statement, when we think of the Shepherd of Possular Trees, when we are trying to indicate that we are in society again:

Will we do not have the nature in the future and act as those who make our country in our country, or even if they are even a single tree defending the right to life, even if they are the death of this liability.

The writer through the shepherd of the eggs, we must be the second choice in the face of these questions, and emphasizes the underlined but without compromising the literary flavor.

“When the final river is dry, we can qualify as a socialistic and thesis artifact that the famous Native American adage that started” when the last river is dry.

On page 187 of the novel, life has begun to talk about the awkwardness of the bastard, the narrator with the bastard Harun:

“Loss of people … You don’t know where it goes when he died and you don’t even know whether they are upset but when they disappear. Disappearing is heavier than dying. “

In this conversation, the narrator ment to appear in apparently the disappearance of Mary, but when we consider a little more, we can easily understand that there is a thousands of people to the victim to the victim and their families to their families.

Towards the end of the book, we read the lyrics of the members that allow Mary to communicate with trees. A section of these words is as follows:

Mentioned in these strings, steep-headed, bird-brow, winter-stared child is not doubt that there is no doubt that the police in June 16, 2013 is in the coma and on March 11, 2014 in 16 pounds of Berkin Elvan.