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A priority contribution on this is that it is primarily carried out with mass-consumption of mass production.

1-Returning from the application methods used and the increase in efficiency by improving machines. On the other hand, human work force was also an effective rise.

3-The growth in efficiency has also made the wage increases that are far below the developments in production. This brought pedals to be pedaled to ensure mass production of mass revenue.

In the world economy in the world economy in the world economy in the world economy, the source of industrial capitalism has experienced a partial progress due to the economic and social issues created by the crisis in the world economy. The Weimar Republic may be counted between the victims where the structural signs of the mass consumption society after the US model. The thing shown as “Economy Miracle” after the 1949s, was in a preparation of technical and economic in those periods. The Nazi regime has blocked the financial conditions of the war plans, the developments in chemistry, electrical industry and automobile construction have prevented it in favor of the national heavy industry. On the other hand, the Nazi regimen was not partially mandatory due to propaganda motives, but it was not bleeding to the attractiveness of mass consumption. With the establishment of the public Volkswagen factories, it was trying to believe that everyone will begin to use their own car. A copy of Ford’s Rouge River factories were built in Brachland in Lower Saxony. As an indication of the Nazi megalomania, the capacity of the sampled factory was exceeded. The world’s largest “passenger car factory did not emerge in this way with a donation. In fact, the trucks to be used in the battles at the beginning of the production were given weight. Although there was a high level of war preparations, bad management, bribery due to reasons such as causes, this was first possible by using machines at the end of 1941. In 1945, he had reached a full capacity of 1.5 million trucks.

Fordism was not able to eliminate the existing contradiction between capitalist goods, production and consumption. In addition, the points of use in mass production of durable consumer goods were constantly similar to specific ways. The opening of the new markets can temporarily postpone the basic problems for Fordist production, but could not have a final solution. The history of the US car industry is a historically important document with the world’s leadership, long-term crises.

Fordist “Carism” has won a new perspective thanks to Alfred Sloans, whose board of directors of General Motors, has won a new perspective: tape manufacturing was linked to a resourceful marketing, advertising with advertising and media. These areas were important for customers to influence on their budgets and expenditures. Consumption was not only determined by income. The reception of loans and old cars were making the new car to the budget and can be carried out. This made the constant cosmetic changes to which the manufacturer’s side will do on the passenger car. Because the production process is regulated annually, this meant lower capital revenues in the face of classical fordism. On the other hand, the strategy requires the need for version and grocery protection.